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Working with our Work tents

Rain, wind and rushing traffic: during work, these factors can have a major impact on the process and the final result. We have come up with a solution for this: a water and windproof tunnel-shaped roof that can be placed on roads or bridges. Get to know our unique work tent!

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The benefits

You may have already seen it, because our work tent has already proven itself on several locations. Aside from the fact that our work tent is resistant to all weather conditions and ensures that work isn’t delayed, there are more benefits:

  • Lost hours are reduced;
  • The working season is extended;
  • Creating better working conditions;
  • Improved quality of the end product;
  • Dust formation is limited

The possibilities

Our work tent consists of several parts that can be connected to each other up to a maximum length of 850 meters. Do you want to provide the work tent with heaters, fans, aggregates, compressors or lighting? We are more than happy to arrange this for you.

Small or medium-sized work?

We have (mobile) work tents for smaller work. These weighted and stable constructions have been developed specifically for industrial applications and can be assembled in a very short time.

Our work tents have a width of:

  • 3,5 meters
  • 5,5 meters
  • 6 meters
  • 8,5 meters
  • 10 meters
  • 17 meters

Are you looking for a different size? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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