Removing chromium-6

Specialist in the removal of chromium-6

Has chromium-6 containing paint been used on your surface and do you want to have it cleaned up in a way that’s safe for people and planet? Van Ginkel Groep is a specialist in the removal of chromium-6. We do this at your location or at ours in Valburg. With the revolutionary additives ChroNo59® or ChroNo64® from ChroNo B.V. we render Chromium-6 compounds harmless directly at the source. And it won’t be at the expense of the production speed. As a result, the working environment is soon safe again for people and planet.

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Removing chromium-6 with ChroNo59® or ChroNo64®

ChroNo59® and ChroNo64® remove chromium-6 from surfaces that can be wet sanded, blasted or treated with paint stripper. Both solutions convert the released chromium-6 directly into the safe chromium-3. ChroNo64® is more effective at processing waste and ChroNo59® is kinder to your environment.

Safe for people and planet

We don’t take any risks. That’s why we work side by side with occupational hygienists and senior safety experts. Investigative authorities have extensively tested our methodology and check the results after each project.

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