Dry ice blasting

Van Ginkel Groep now offers dry ice blasting for safe cleaning any surface

Dry ice blasting is a quick and clean cleaning technique that removes contamination from virtually any surface without damaging it. After cleaning, the surface is immediately ready for use. Dry ice blasting produces no waste, ensuring the area is quickly cleaned up. Van Ginkel Groep uses the most powerful machines with the highest precision for dry ice blasting, making every project a success.


How does cleaning with dry ice blasting work?

Dry ice has a temperature of -78 degrees and is the solid form of carbon dioxide. Dry ice blasting uses pellets that vary in size between 3 and 16 mm. These pellets are used to blast the surface under pressure (adjustable up to 12 bar), creating cracks in the contamination or coating to be removed. The low temperature causes a thermal shock, loosening the contamination. The dry ice goes directly from solid to gas form, also known as sublimation. This keeps everything dry, and blasting produces no waste which also makes this technique very clean.

What can you clean with dry ice blasting?

Most surfaces can be cleaned with dry ice blasting and will not be affected by this technique, only the contamination is removed. Think of glue, grease, food residues, oil and dirt from machines or old coatings and graffiti from concrete or wood. The technique is so accurate and clean that production lines do not even have to be shut down.

What projects is dry ice blasting used for?

FOOD INDUSTRY: Dry ice blasting is widely used in the food industry. Other blasting techniques can roughen surfaces, making it easier for food residues and bacteria to adhere. Dry ice blasting removes bacteria and does not affect the surface. Ovens, racks, conveyor belts are cleaned quickly, without having to completely stop the production process, because dry ice blasting hardly causes any mess.

CAR, AIRCRAFT, SHIPPING INDUSTRY: Thanks to dry blasting technology, parts and machines can be easily cleaned of grease, dirt, oil and other deposits. Workplaces are also cleaned quickly, without having to stop production.

PAINTING INDUSTRY: The painting industry is also increasingly opting for dry ice blasting. The technique may be more expensive, but it pays for itself in time savings, as surfaces do not need to be sanded and even the trickiest spots can be treated at lightning speed.

TECH INDUSTY: Dry ice blasting is ideally suited for the tech industry as the technique does not damage surfaces or wiring.

EFFECTS OF FIRE: The effects of fire, including soot formation, can be removed at lightning speed with dry ice blasting. The beauty of this technique is that it even removes the smell of fire.

What are the benefits of dry ice blasting?

  • Clean
  • Quick
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Precise
  • Does not attack surfaces
  • Dry
  • Hygienic
  • Eliminates bacteria
  • Effective in hard-to-reach locations
  • Removes fire odour

What are the disadvantages of dry ice blasting?

  • Expensive although time savings usually compensates this

Why choose Van Ginkel Groep for a cleaning project?

We are one of the first mobile blasting companies in the Netherlands with over 50 years of experience. This pays off, because we know what we’re talking about, and we do what we say. We have everything in-house to deploy the best blasting technology for your project at lightning speed.

Van Ginkel Groep has powerful dry ice blasting machines that can process up to 120 kg of pellets per hour. That saves money. The air pressure of our machines can be set with such precision that we can meet any challenge. At your location or at ours in Valburg.

Want to work with dry ice blasting?

If you like to learn how to clean with dry ice blasting, Join us! You can work with the biggest machines, we always think in terms of possibilities, we like to work hard, and we are straightforward. We also have the best work atmosphere.


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