Tacitusbrug, Ewijk (NL)

Due to increased traffic intensity at one of the largest traffic junctions in the Netherlands, maintenance was essential. One of the activities on the Tacitusbrug near Ewijk was the pouring of high-performance concrete (HPC). Before this was done, the steel deck had to be blasted and coate. To guarantee the quality of the end product, two different work tent were used.

During the renovation we were responsible for:

  • Blasting and applying primer on steel bridge deck (approx. 30,000 m²)
  • Blasting HPC
  • HD cleaning of median strip
  • Blasting and applying primer on bicycle/pedestrian path
  • Work tent, air. Length: 450 meters
  • Work tent Alu 17. Length: 170 meters

In order to treat the bridge deck in its entirety, the work tents have been made mobile. As a result, the facility was moved in phases.


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