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“With limited equipment, but with big dreams they set off”

Everyone has to start small, because only then you can get big. Our story starts in 1970. With limited equipment, but a head full of dreams the Van Ginkel brothers start blasting, cleaning, metallizing and coating various objects. In a world where mobile blasting companies barely exist, throughout the years the brothers manage to deliver top quality on location. And now, more than fifty years later, Van Ginkel Groep has grown into a leading blasting company full of knowledge, innovative ideas, and passionate employees.



Quality works, always

The blasting of steel constructions, the metallization of a bridge, glass beading of a turbine or the coating of sheet piles: we don’t distinguish ourselves with a different color or material. But we do think it’s important that all our projects are delivered with the best quality. Quality that’s not at the expense of people or the environment and that’s delivered under the right conditions. Quality that employees are proud of and that leads to satisfied customers. Because only then quality is really quality!

Our clients

Governments and provinces, ground, road and hydraulic engineering companies, steel construction companies, rail infrastructure companies, power plants, waste incineration plants, water boards, painting companies or private individuals. No matter how big or small our clients are, all projects and customers are equally important to us. Thanks to our mobile blasting solutions, we can carry out our work completely self-sufficient at almost any location. We focus on the Netherlands as our primary working area, but we are also active in Germany, France, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

We also have a shop where we can treat various objects.

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