Thermal spray services

Thermal spraying is widely used to provide corrosion protection to ferrous metals or to change the surface properties of the sprayed items, such as improve the wear resistance or thermal conductivity. Van Ginkel Groep has extensive experience in using thermal spray in applying it on site safely and efficiently.

Extending the lifetime of your assets

Thermal spray is a coating produced by a process in which molten or softened particles are applied by impact onto a substrate.

For substrate preparation, cleaning and grit blasting are important. This provides a more chemically and physically active surface needed for good bonding. The surface area is increased which will increase the coating bond strength. The rough surface profile will promote mechanical keying.

Van Ginkel Groep provide a comprehensive range of thermal spray coatings to protect against wear and corrosion, increasing life span and reducing total cost of ownership:

  • Aluminium
  • Zinc
  • Zinc-aluminium

All thermal coatings are applied within modern facilities and carried out by skilled technicians (ANSI/AWS C2.16).

At Van Ginkel Groep, we understand that quality does not start and end with the inspection of a product or with the approvals we hold. We embrace all areas of customer support within the quality function, from first contact, through quotation, development, production and post delivery support.

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