Work shelter

Anyone who works outdoors knows just how much chaos weather and traffic can bring. Concreting, grounds maintenance and construction are all badly affected when exposed to wind, heavy rain and traffic. By getting personnel, construction materials and valuable machinery under cover quickly and economically, work can progress at a faster pace to meet project deadlines and insure higher product quality.

Why a temporary work shelter

With our expertise we developed a unique temporary work shelter (Doorwerkvoorziening®) a few years ago: a water- and windproof tunnel-shaped shelter. On many projects, the efficiencies gained by use of temporary work shelter will pay back the cost of the structure on the initial project. Our temporary work shelters allow you to do what you do best without external factors taking over. The end result is that all work can be completed on time, every time.

Our patented temporary work shelter (Doorwerkvoorziening®) has been designed to withstand building site conditions

The advantages of a temporary work shelter:

  • Reduced downtime
  • Extension of the working season
  • Improved working conditions
  • Improved quality of the end product
  • Reduced traffic disruption
  • Safety of the workforce

Our temporary work shelters are wind- and waterproof and can be used throughout Europe. We can also take care of equipment like heaters, ventilators, generators, compressors and lighting.

Our air tents have proved their value on:

  • Ketelbrug
  • Hollandsebrug
  • Moerdijkbrug
  • Scharsterrijnbrug

Other temporary work shelters

In addition to our unique tunnel-shaped temporary work shelters, we have various temporary work structures for medium-sized and small-scale operations. These shelters have been designed to withstand building site conditions. Our temporary shelters structures can be easily transported and they are easy to install and quick to dismantle. We can also take care of equipment like heaters, ventilators, generators, compressors and lighting.

Advantages of other structures::

  • Strong construction
  • Wind- and rainproof
  • Fast assembly and dismantling
  • Can be used throughout Europe
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