Abrasive blasting

Van Ginkel Groep has over 45 years of experience in abrasive blasting. Our proven systems, process and our people deliver the best performace. We have all the equipment that is required to clean surfaces. The type of abrasive is used depends on the object and the result that the client wishes. Our 45 years of experience put us in an excellent position to give clients advice on the widest range of projects.

Surface preparation is key

Van Ginkel Groep knows that surface preparation is the key to any succesful industrial coating project. That is why we offer surface preparation and coatings in a set of diverse industries. Our abrasive blasting methods will safely remove paints, oils, dirt, grime and other substances from different metal surfaces.

We have trailers with all the equipment we need at a project. This means that our colleagues are able to deal with any size of project.

Van Ginkel Groep provides also full-service abrasive blasting and painting at our facility in Valburg with:

  • Blasting hall (300 m²)
  • painting hall (300 m²)
  • Maintenance area (300m²)

We are pleased to inform our clients with key information of similar projects and other KPI’s. This information helps ensure everyone involved in a project is focused on the schedule, following a clearly defined critical path and maintaining important priorities. These details provide the capability to identify and proactively eliminate any potential issues. Every aspect of a project is carefully monitored and measured to ensure that we deliver clear visible value.

Grit blasting

Various grit particle sizes to get the required result.

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Dustless blasting

We can use various methods to do dustless blasting; read about the options here.

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Sand blasting

Blasting with olivine sand as the blasting abrasive to get the correct cleanness and roughness

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Bead blasting

Blasting stainless steel or aluminium surface areas using glass beads.

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Shot blasting

Using this mix on the surface will get the right degree of cleanness and roughness.

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